Who are we?

Equinoxoz is a small company run by people truly passionate about the products we sell. We love music! Especially electronic music  and it’s always such a thrill to hear what someone else has come up with on equipment we distribute.

We don’t just sell this equipment, we are musicians who use and have direct and often extensive experience with the products and  this is the foundation of Equinoxoz, to offer the products that we personally love locally to the people of Australia. We believe principally that we should know the products very well, so you can feel free to ask questions and buy knowing that we understand what we are selling.


What do we offer?

*What we offer to you is a great advice

*Excellent technical knowledge

*Friendly helpful service

*After hours and follow up care

*Complete system advice, design and studio setups

*Custom case designs and travel solutions

*Great range of fantastic quality products

*Reliable, fast and securely packed orders.

The ever expanding variety of synthesis tools today offers a a level of technical innovation not yet seen before. The integration of new technology from today with the sound ideals of old and cherished designs has created somewhat “hybrid” designs, incredibly powerful creative tools for realising your goals (and some you may not have even thought of). The range of synth products around now is truly a modern day marvel.

We are here to help you choose just the right tools for your needs and are happy to provide advice on what you may need to fit what functionality you have in mind. 

Electronic music has always been the sound of the future, and it is the sound of today. We try to stay at the forefront of new ideas and ingenuity but without losing sight of the traditional ways that brought synthesis to this point.

We perform demonstrations and education workshops to help people learn the ropes working with synthesis, tutoring is also able to be arranged;

We also travel to studios and other places afield to do expo’s, gigs to promote modular synthesizers and the creation of electronic music, always great to meet with fellow synth lovers in person!

We like to post videos that showcase the value of the modules from a musical perspective as we would use them, we hope through this that people can get some idea on how they may implement it in their own setup.

*Currently our new shop opening has been delayed while relocation and renovation is finalised, we apologise for the inconvenience but can organise times to visit you in the mean time to try out gear*


Our philosophy:

It is in the human nature to destroy as much as it is to create. We like to foster the latter by promoting the creation of new kinds of sounds and the use of the humans greatest feature…. the mind! It is a personal belief that the act of creating a sound, via its raw elements through synthesis, and experiencing the frequencies, timbres and evolution of sounds is a very evocative and powerful thing for the brain to experience. The fact that many electronic instruments need to be programmed and tweaked with a great amount of input and feedback, brings a different quality to composition. We do not believe in pre-set factory sounds that offer no control over the parameters and the reason we offer such a diverse range of products is so that people can look outside the box of what should or has been done and look forward towards something new.

We prefer direct interaction with people, rather than dealing only with our customers via an online store. But we understand not everyone can make it to us or has the time, so we offer a thorough and comprehensive online service to suit your needs and requirements.

To order please contact us at: infoequinoxoz@equinoxoz.com


…”To make you discover divers instruments of music likewise to you unknown, some sweeter than any you have, together with bells and rings that are dainty and sweet”

(F. Bacon)

“We have also sound-houses, where we practise and demonstrate all sounds, and their generation. We have harmonies which you have not, of quarter-sounds, and lesser slides of sounds. Divers instruments of music likewise to you unknown, some sweeter than any you have, together with bells and rings that are dainty and sweet. We represent small sounds as great and deep; likewise great sounds extenuate and sharp; we make divers tremblings and warblings of sounds, which in their original are entire. We represent and imitate all articulate sounds and letters, and the voices and notes of beasts and birds. We have certain helps which set to the ear do further the hearing greatly. We have also divers strange and artificial echoes, reflecting the voice many times, and as it were tossing it: and some that give back the voice louder than it came, some shriller, and some deeper; yea, some rendering the voice differing in the letters or articulate sound from that they receive. We have also means to convey sounds in trunks and pipes, in strange lines and distances.

Francis Bacon : New Atlantis : 1623

A special thanks to all customers and Companies who deal with Equinoxoz. Without you this company isn’t possible. Your repeat business is what keeps us around and so we will do our utmost to look after your needs.


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