A-112 Sampler / Wavetable Module


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Product Description

Module A-112 (SAMPLER) is a combination module, including a voltage controlled 8 bit Sampler and a voltage controlled Wavetable Oscillator.
The module has the characteristic “grungy“ sound of the early 8 bit Samplers and is a welcome addition to the A-100’s sound generating capabilities. But it should not be compared with the polyphonic 16 bit MIDI samplers available on the market. The module contains an A/D converter (ADC) for recording the audio signal (8 bit resolution), digital memory for storage of the the sampled signal, a D/A converter (DAC) for playback and the control unit. The memory is divided into two banks (S1, S2) with 64 kbyte each. In wavetable mode each bank is arranged as 256 pages of 256 bytes. The memory is non-volatile, i.e. after power-off the sampling data in the memory is maintained.

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