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Doepfer Dial Electronic


Universal MIDI Control Electronics for Rotary Encoders.


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Product Description

Dial Electronic (abbreviation: “DE” in the following) is an universal electronics DIY kit to built your own MIDI control box with 16 rotary encoders (even called alpha dials, endless potentiometers or similar). DE generates 16 different MIDI messages on different (or even the same) MIDI channels. DE can be combined with the universal keyboard electronics, Pocket Electronic, CTM64 or MTC64 to obtain a unique controller that fits exactly to the user’s requirements.


Essentially it contains the electronics core of Pocket Dial but without the 16 controls (i.e. without rotary encoders). Concerning the MIDI functions DE is identical to Pocket Dial. Please refer to the Pocket Dial information for details.


Up to 16 rotary encoders can be connected to DE and arranged in any positions of the case resp. front panel that has to be built by the customer himself. The controls are not included but have to be added by the customer himself. A suitable control set is available.


The additional controls of Pocket Dial (6 buttons and 4 LEDs) can be connected via pin headers to DE. Buttons and LEDs are not included with DE. Please look at the additional available control set below.


The 16 encoders are connected to 16 pinheaders (3 pins each).


DE is available only as an assembled and tested pc board. The pc board measures are about 125 mm (length) x 70 mm (width) x 30 mm (height). Six mounting holes with 3 mm diameter are available for mounting the pc board to a suitable base e.g. with distance sleeves or spacers and screws.


DE is a so-called OEM or DIY product. Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the board. If you have no or only little experience with electronics we recommend not to order and not to install the DE.



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