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Joy Stick I and Joy Stick II for A-174 module.


Joy Stick II is shown in image.



Product Description

Joy Stick I

This is the same as used in the A-174 module (2 x 20k linear, from February 2012 new value: 2 x 10k linear).


The axis is equipped with a M3 thread that can be used to screw a suitable lever with M3 thread to the axis.



overall: ~ 41 x 41 x 36 mm (including lever and potentiometers)

only the black box: ~ 30 x 30 x 25 mm (without lever and potentiometers)

grid of the mounting holes:  ~  24 x 24 mm

manufacturer: ALPS


The joy stick potentiometers cover the complete rotation angle. If the end terminals of the potentiometers are e.g. connected to GND and +5V the full voltange range 0…+5V is covered ! The joy stick is spring-loaded, i.e. the lever returns back to the neutral position as soon as it is released. If the spring is removed for one or both directions (e.g. by means of a side cutter) the joy stick is no longer spring-loaded for this direction(s). But as the spring has to be destroyed during the removal this cannot be re-established !


Joy stick I can be combined e.g. with Wheel Electronic or Pocket Electronic.



Joy-Stick II

This is another type of joy-stick with two 10k linear potentiometers.


The joy-stick is equipped with a 4 pin cable and a 4 pin female connector (1/10″ pitch). The end-terminals of the two potentiometers are connected (consequently only a 4 pin cable is required). If the wires are nipped off the connection between the potentiometers can be interrupted.



overall: ~ 72 x 60 x 66 mm (including lever and potentiometers)

diameter of the inner ball: ~ 50 mm

length of the lever (measured from the ball surface):  ~ 17 mm

cross section of the lever:  ~ 6 x 6 mm

grid of the mounting holes:  ~  42 x 48 mm

Manufacturer: Fatar


Technical remarks: Pay attention that not the full rotating angle of the potentiometers is covered but only about 40%. If the end terminals of the potentiometer are e.g. connected to GND and +5V only a voltange range of about +1.5 … 3.5 V is covered (a bit different for different specimens) ! So far we have no Midi electronics available that can be used in combination with joy stick II. The joy stick is spring-loaded, i.e. the lever returns back to the neutral position as soon as it is released. One of the spring can be removed very easily by nipping the spring with a side cutting pliers. The second spring is hidden inside the joy stick.

Additional Information


Joy Stick I, Joy Stick II

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