modulation wheel kit

Doepfer Modulation Wheel Kit


Available as kit only and must be assembled by the user.


Available on backorder

Product Description

The Modulation Wheel Kit contains a special rotary potentiometer (10k linear) with nut and washer, the modulation wheel made of black plastic, a mouting angle, rubber buffer (for a soft touch of the wheel against the angle) and a fetch-back spring that can be used (e.g. for pitch band) or not (e.g. for modulation or volume control). Available as kit only and must be assembled by the user.  It is a spare part for LMK2+, LMK4+.


overall: ~ 67 x 33 x 63 mm (mounting angle, wheel and potentiometer)
only the mounting angle: ~ 53 x 20 x 40 mm (without wheel and potentiometer)
diameter of the wheel: ~ 67 mm
width of the wheel: ~ 10 mm
distance of the mounting holes of the mounting angle: ~ 32 mm


Technical remarks: 

Pay attention that not the full rotating angle of the potentiometer is covered but only about 40%. If the end terminals of the potentiometer are e.g. connected to GND and +5V only a voltange range 0…+1.6V is covered !  Especially for DIY/OEM applications one has to pay attention to the limited rotating angle. The electronics of our keyboards (LMK2+,LMK4+) and the DIY/OEM electronics MKE and Wheel Electronic take into consideration this special quality.

The modulation wheel can be combined with these electronics: Wheel Electronic, LMK2+, LMK4+, MKE

Here you find the construction notes for the modulation wheel kit: Modulation_Wheel_kit.pdf


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