Doepfer POCKET ELECTRONIC Universal MIDI Control


Pocket Electronic (abbreviation: “PE” in the following) is an universal electronics DIY kit to built your own MIDI control box. Up to 16 controlling elements can be connected to PE transmitting 16 different MIDI messages on different (or even the same) MIDI channels.

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Product Description

POCKET ELECTRONICS (abbreviated “PE” in the following) is a so-called OEM product
(OEM original equipment manufacturer) that cannot be used independently but has to be
combined with additional electrical or electronical equipment to become a working device (e.g.
potentiometers, switches, power supply, case/housing).


The manufacturer of PE does not know
the final assembly of the complete device in which the PE is used as a part of the complete
device. The final responsibility with regard to electrical safety and electromagnetic
compatibility is up to the user who is assembling the complete device.
Electronic basic knowledge is required to install PE and to connect the controls resp.
control voltages. If you are not sure whether your knowledge is sufficient please consult an
expert. We cannot take back modules that became defective because of wrong installation or
wrong connection of the controls or voltages.

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