Doepfer P6 Portable 6U case


These Portable Cases from Doepfer are built like a tank!


They use a standard IC power cable and have a detachable lid that has enough clearance to be closed while patched.


If you need a road ready solution for your modular system look no further.


2x 84HP worth of space.

Available on backorder

Product Description

The Doepfer P6 is a portable suitcase 6U with a roadworthy build quality.

This portable version of the A-100g6, measures: about 460 mm (width) x 330 mm (height) x 210 mm (depth), and has the same specification as an A-100G6 but built into a suitcase (flightcase design), no audio processing modules (e.g. vco, vcf, vca, vcp, vcfs, ring modulator, spring reverb) should be mounted near the power supply but only control voltage modules (e.g. adsr, lfo, s&h, slew limiter, trigger delay, sequencer, quantizer, clock divider, midi-interfaces).

The cases power supplies are set up to work on 240/230v power.

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