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Please click here for a link to a fantastic sketchbook on the Waverider done by local artist Oscil_Ether.

Waverider Digital VCO – here we go! Wavetable VCO with tons of features: CV’d interpolating waveforms, CV’d subosc waveforms and octaves, CV’d glide, bitcrushing and more!

(More details to come)

For now please listen to some sounds made with the Waverider!

First up, 2 x Waveriders, using my Kenton Pro 4 to use them both as a duo-synth. So this is 2 x Waveriders into 2 x System X VCA’s, controlled by 2 x LoopEnv Generators:

Waverider JMJ

Some douphonic Kometenmelodie:

Waverider Kwerk

This next soundclip uses an LFO to cycle through the sub-oscillator’s octaved waveforms. Just to make it clear, there is no arpeggiator or sequencer being used – all live action:

Waverider Arpeggiate

Next up, using both LFO and ADSR to modulate the main wavetable:

Waverider Anger

Next clips featuring just the suboscillators – their waveforms are more conventional than the main VCDO output, and lend themselves to some subtractive synthesis.

So here’s 2 x Waverider sub oscillators through my System X Filter:

Waverider Subs LPF

…and here’s 2 x Waverider subs through a Multimode in HPF mode:

Waverider Subs HPF

This one feature 2 x Waverider subs through different VCFs, with an LFO modulating the waveform/octave of one Waverider to create a pseudo-sequence – no sequencers or arpeggiators were used.

Waverider Seqsub

Tech specs:

Waverider is 14HP and 55mm deep

Please click here for a user guide to the module

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